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4 Keys to make your poly rattan furniture like new

Wicker outdoor furniture has long been an ideal choice for porches, patios, and decks, because it requires very less maintenance over time. Although wicker patio furniture can generally be outdoors for a fairly long time without much deterioration, KFL DECO Furniture unveils some tips that can help you maintain your poly rattan furniture for years.

The temperature and your poly rattan furniture

Although poly rattan furniture specializes for outdoor, it slightly damaged when staying outdoors pretty much year-round. You should be aware that extreme weather can greatly affect the quality of your furniture. For instance, the weather is too cold, it can become stiff or a bit more elastic when it is very hot. Also, high humidity can make it sag and lead to mildew.

Patio swing chair covers

A simple solution for extending wicker furniture lifespan is to keep your outdoor wicker furniture covered with a tarp. Also, we could move it to a more protected place when the temperature is too hot, cold, or raining. It should not get much use under those conditions anyway.

The fabric care

The fabric is a crucial part of the poly rattan furniture. As you know, foul weather can cause slight shifts in the structure. These shifts are not immediately detrimental, but can result in remarkable changes over a course of time. Therefore, it’s always necessary to give the furniture a thorough inspection so often, looking for any shifting. If you do detect anything misaligned, you can simply move the weave back into its proper place with your fingers. This is an easy maintenance tips that will enhance the life of your wicker patio furniture.

The paint maintenance

Painting is an indispensable step for poly rattan furniture. The painting can chip or become damaged day by day as it usually happened with all painted furniture exposed in outdoor weather. Touch-up spray paint is good solution to prevent this damage. Check your manufacturer’s recommendation about the best product to use. If the frame has a painted finish, it will also benefit from the occasional touch-up.

Cushion care

Cleaning as directed by the manufacturer is a good care for your furniture. You will start by removing the core of cushions from the covers and cleaning any dirts with a soft-bristle brush.

Comfortable cushion

The covers could be washed with hand-wash or thrown in the washing machine. once everything is ready, you can return the covers back to the cushions, and enjoy your renewed poly rattan furniture.

In conclusion, if you maintain your furniture properly, it can be left outdoors for a very long period of time without fear of damage. KFL DECO Furniture hopes these offers will bring you wonderful things along with your poly rattan furniture. Follow and apply these steps to make your beloved furniture become shiny any time you see it.

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