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4 Tips to perfect poly wicker furniture arrangement

Good arrangement can substantially add useful space to your garden or any ourdoor settings.

Have you ever wondered “how do I arrange my poly wicker furniture?”. KFL DECO Furniture will help you find the answer by these following tips


The scale plays a crucial role in setting outdoor furniture. You should always consider the size of the patio area and number of furniture pieces.

For instance, if you choose a poly wicker furniture products which are much larger than the available space in your patio, it will cause difficulties when walking around your garden. In contrast, if you choose furniture that is too small for the space you have, your garden will look very empty and unfinished.

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You can create a focal point that will follow your outdoor space style. When you enter a place, your eyes is naturally drawn to a focal point. Then, you will more focus on it than anywhere else. As a result, there are many options to be focal point, such as a poly wicker furniture (a poly rattan sofa set), an outdoor fireplace, a paved veranda, or a pool. The rest will be decorated on the design of this area.

Moreover, once you get the focal point, then it will be much easier for you to arrange the rest of your garden/patio around it.


If you have a wide outdoor area, consider multi-function zones. By separating the space into smaller sections, you will have a dynamic and comfortable living area. Rugs, plants, and pergola also work extremely well for creating a sense of separation. The best ways to optimize your outdoor space is making boundaries by poly wicker furniture placement. By this way, you have multiple areas of entertainment and craft an engaging outdoor living space.


Have you got poly wicker furniture of different materials, shapes and sizes? You want to combine them into a complete masterpiece, but you do not know how? The best solution for this conundrum is color and great accessories.

Unifying through colors can conceal the contrast of furniture elements. Additionally, adding rugs, pillows, and vases of the same share can unify your distinctive outdoor furniture and disguise the mismatch of them.

Finally, your outdoor arrangement might reflect one thing: your sense of style. If you do not have a clear view of the interior arrangement and need help, we are willing to assist. KFL DECO furniture will fill you with inspiration and supply the best poly rattan sofas, swing chairs

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