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What constitutes weather resistant rattan patio furniture?

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Rattan patio furniture is made from a variety of manufactured materials. As a leading brand name in outdoor furniture industry, KFL DECO has provided a wide range of rattan outdoor furniture with fresh appearance, modern and long-lasting. KFL DECO products ( outdoor furniture weather resistant ) stay attractive despite exposure to the environment and easy to maintain with 3 main types of material.

KFL DECO Deluxe Double Seat Swing Chair
KFL DECO Weather resistant metal frame rattan patio hanging chair - Deluxe Double Seat Swing Chair KFL9788

Metal used in rattan patio furniture

Rattan patio furniture frame has its structure from a variety of metals, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. At KFL DECO, we use powder coated aluminums to produce frames. In addition to light weight, this metal will not fade or rust, and just requires less maintenance.

We can simply use soapy water to clean Aluminum frames. On the other hand, user can apply a layer of car wax because it helps keep aluminum always look good as new. Especially, aluminum is corrosion resistant and can survive outside for long periods.

Polywood / Plasticwood

Traditionally, high-quality materials refer to different types of hardwoods. Teak, cedar and acacia are common types of wood used for outdoor and patio furniture due to their density. However, using high-quality wood can cost a bit more and require regular maintenance to hold up over long periods of time.

There is an alternative: recycled plastic lumber. Recycled plastic lumber is a durable and long-lasting material that should be considered as a wood-alternative.

Despite not durable and long lasting as hardwoods, soft woods like cedar and pressure treated pine do last for years outdoor. However, untreated pine has low resistance to rot. Therefore painting or sealing and storing indoors during winter months is the best way to keep it in good condition. Another benefit of using wood in rattan patio furniture is it does not hold the sun’s heat like plastic and metal do.

KFL DECO Synthetic wicker all knocked-down double swing chair - Luxury Double Seat Swing Chair KFL9716KD

Synthetic wicker

Wicker of rattan patio furniture have its root from synthetics in order to increase weather resistance, durability and costs. Weather resistant wicker experienced a complex process and specialized to last outdoors.

Despite possessing a similar outlook with natural wicker, synthetic retains better qualities than the finest natural wickers. UV light is not a problem for synthetic wickers, its exposure ability to sunlight is up to 12 hours a day and 365 days a year. It also retains no moisture, preventing from being damaged by rot, mildew, weakness or expansion.

How to possess a weather resistant rattan patio furniture is always a concern of most buyers because it depends on quality of all materials. However, it will become easier if you pick up KFL DECO’s product lines.

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