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What are the advantages of poly rattan furniture?

Rattan furniture has become very popular these days. Many believe that poly rattan furniture is the best solution for patio spaces. This is mainly because it offers practicality, convenience and style, all rolled into one rugged package. Its appearance create a relaxed atmosphere that aluminum, iron or plastic furniture is not able to compete. Furthermore, the solidity of the poly rattan furniture is much more than natural rattan.

Wicker fiber is the material to make natural rattan furniture. Rattan or wicker is a close relative of the palm tree. Rattan is relatively similar in structure to bamboo but not hollow in the middle. Braiding rattan fiber together to form of varied furniture pieces.

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Natural rattan furniture looks wonderful and friendly environment. However, being natural, the fiber is easily damaged and rotten by weather elements. Natural rattan is sure to fade and destroyed faster if exposed to sunlight. So, furniture make from natural rattan is preferred for indoors only. Fortunately, there is a perfect replacement from poly rattan that will help solve most of the problems of natural rattan fiber. Below, we will show you some advantages of poly rattan fiber:

Poly rattan furniture durable with weather outside

Poly rattan furniture is impossible to fade when exposed directly to sunlight and and consists of moulded resin made to look like rattan with strong frame fibre. Hence, They can adapt to indoors as well as outdoors in accordance with the purpose of the owner. Thanks to longer durability and life span, wicker rattan furniture is the best-selling now for outdoor, garden or patio in both American, Australia and Europe.

Keep the natural look of your garden

Poly rattan furniture looks exactly like natural (available in an array of natural colors) and lightweight so it is the most suitable choice for your outdoors, particularly gracing patios, gardens and balconies.

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You can imagine an immortal garden by your side throughout your lifetime.

Low maintenance cycle

Poly rattan furniture requires low maintenance during the time of use. Unlike natural rattan that needs to have treatment with dedicated oil and preservatives, poly wicker lasts for an remarkable amount of time without maintenance. Just spend some moment to dust your furniture with a soft brush and they will look like new. In case of dirt, it also is very easy to clean with warm water and it is not susceptible to any rust like iron garden furniture or mildew like the natural rattan.

For all its merits, poly rattan furniture is a smart choice because it brings economical and cost effective. It is not only much cheaper than hardwood but also lasts almost just as long. Poly rattan have almost the latest design trends, which makes it easy to decorate the room using rattan.

The advantages of poly rattan furniture are obvious, wide choice of style, reasonable price, easy to maintain, clean and perdurable. Therefore, if you are on a limited budget, desire a natural look for your space and enjoy long-lasting furniture, go for poly wicker furniture. You won’t regret for your selection!

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